Testimonials and lessons learned about Confinement

Read the testimonials of NOVA students and understand the message implicit behind them.

The recent covid-19 pandemic has shaken the foundation of relationships we forge with the outside world, forcing us to disconnect from something we knew so well.

It was also this virus that changed the relationships we have established with our inner self, forcing us to spend more time with ourselves, which was proven a challenge for many of us.

While we could see this new reality as an opportunity to get to know ourselves, as the social being that exists in us that is not meant to be closed off has increased cases of stress, depression and anxiety. These reasons show  the importance of discussing mental health. What is intended with this project is to share (anonymous) student testimonials about how Covid-19 impacted  their mental health.

Ana Teixeira, law student at NOVA Law SU


It’s a global pandemic, it’s scary and it’s something that we’ve never experienced. But it’s also important to realize that it’s normal for us to feel anxious.

It is important to maintain routines and regular physical activity. Other routines may appear to replace the old ones, connecting with others has to be done in different ways and it is essential.

It is important to be aware of stress and sadness signs. We must also control the time we are engaged with the news, it is important to protect ourselves and to not be negative.

In a partnership between NOVA Law SU and SAS NOVA Psychology Office.

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