Study Skills
This may be, for some students, their first experience living away from their family

Attending university is an extremely fertile part of life, in terms of challenges, knowledge and personal growth.

It is the transition between high school and a much bigger, more diverse reality.

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Special Needs Education
Students with educational special needs may sometimes need countervailing measures to study

These measures are subject to an evaluation from psychologists and, for that, an Educational Special Needs Statute is required. In order to obtain it, there is a procedure in place at NOVA, and there is a form to be filled and given to Administrative Services.

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Estudante Necessidades Educativas Especiais
Estudar Estrangeiro
Studying Abroad
For some students, their academic journey will be their first experience living far from home and their loved ones

Being away usually creates a lot of expectations and means people will have to say goodbye to what is familiar to them, from friends and family to the places they are used to being around.

Exploring a different city, meeting new people, or developing language skills are very exciting parts of living and studying abroad. However, it can sometimes be harder to adjust than initially expected, and can lead to social isolation or lack of motivation. Even though it is normal to take some time to adjust to a new reality, it is important to self-evaluate and ask for help if necessary.

International Students
Portugal is becoming more and more a popular destination for international students
In 2014, a new access system to higher education was approved, which allowed for the creation of appealing conditions for international students to apply to Portuguese universities.
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estudantes estrangeiros
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