Your well-being platform
It emerged as a need felt by the students, built and developed by Serviços de Acção Social of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, who created this website and make all the resources available to keep it.

The Bridge was born from a task force made up of NOVA SBE students, focused on improving the well-being of the whole NOVA community.

Throughout a student’s academic journey, different challenges need to be overcome. As students, we decided to improve the resources and support available in the university when it comes to mental health. Once we gathered some feedback from other students, we divided this project into three sections: an awareness campaign that targets the teaching community, the organisation of different mental health and wellness events as a way of trying to break the attached stigma regarding these issues and, finally, we decided to design this platform.

With the above ideas and initiatives ready to work on, a collaboration between the Student Development Office (SDO) and SASNOVA was created and, for the past three years, we have implemented the wellness week as well as annual Q&A sessions. Our third and main goal, this platform, was only possible due to SASNOVA’s dedication in designing this website and providing us with the resources to make it work.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this project so far and who helped make this project a reality. A special thanks to Dr. Edite Oliveira, Maria Nolasco and the entire SASNOVA’s team for the dedication in building this platform.

Filipa, José, Matias e Tiago – ‘The Bridge’ Founders

Who can use the platform?

All NOVA students are encouraged to use it.

What is the goal of the platform?

This platform was designed to assist NOVA students and provide easier access to Psychologists and relevant resources, with the intent of improving both students’ overall well-being and mental health.

How was The Bridge developed?

The Bridge is the result of a collaboration between NOVA students, NOVA Psychologists and a Multimedia Designer, as well as some input from UNL’s Sports, Nutrition and Media Offices.
Four workshops took place using participatory design methodology to strategize and implement the ideas.

Our team
Our team is made of both NOVA students and psychologists, as well as a Multimedia Designer
1ST Workshop
2ND Workshop
3RD Workshop
4TH WorkshOP
presentes no workshop
Where are we based?
We are based in Campolide, one of Lisbon’s seven hills

The mission of the Social Welfare Services of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa is to guarantee that no student is excluded from the university due to financial difficulties. This is done through support, benefits and services, so as to better the students’ possibility for educational success.

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