NOVA’s FCSH’s PSII+ promotes sessions about emotional management for students in Masters and PhD’s

Every semester, NOVA FCSH’s Psychology, Inclusion and Equality Services (PSII+) promotes online and/or physical sessions aimed at supporting students who are attending the non-educational components of masters and doctorates that wish to develop their emotional management skills during that process. Participation in this program is free of charge.

“PhD – The last kms of a marathon” is a program split in 10 thematic sessions of 2h each.  Despite every session’s theme, the program has a sequence. Aside from the programmed editions, if there is a group of at least 5-6 people, a non programmed group can also be made.

The program made for Master’s students consists of 8 sessions of 1h30 each. In a similar manner to the previous program, each session works as an individual workshop but as a program, there is a sequence. The next edition is programmed to start in June,  but if there are 6 individuals interested, a non programmed group may start aswell.

These programs are based on the recognition that there are more and more people taking Masters and Doctorate online classes, and on scientific evidence, of the impact they have on students mental and physical health. If you are interested in joining this group or more information, please send an email to

NOVA FCSH’s Psychology, Inclusion and Equality Services (PSII+) are located at Tower A’s office 311.

Gabinete PsII+
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