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  • Degree in Clinical Psychology
  • Master in Philosophy of Sciences
  • Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist (by AP)
  • Family therapist (by SPTF)
  • Didactic psychodramatist (by SPP)
  • EMDR (by EMDRIA) and clinical hypnosis therapist (by FMUL)
  • SASNOVA staff’s Psychologist
Ana Gaspar
psicóloga Liliana
  • Specialist in Clinical and Health Psychology by the Portuguese Order of Psychologists.
  • Degree in Psychology, University of Minho (2003)
  • Master’s degree in Psychology, Specialization in Psychological Intervention, Education and Human Development (2016)
  • Complementary training in Clinical Sexology and Gender Equality
  • Crisis Intervention and Morenian Psychodramatist
  • Member of the Portuguese Order of Psychologists
  • SAS NOVA staff’s
Liliana S. Ribeiro
psicóloga Rosa
  • Actor’s training course by Lisbon’s School of Theatre and Cinema
  • Degree in Clinical Psychology
  • Specialist in Clinical Psychology and Advanced Specialty in Psychotherapy
  • Group Analyst
  • Intervenes with: addictions, motivational interview and digital interventions: e-mental health
  • Psychologist at SAS Nova
Rosa Castro André
  • Intern for the order of portuguese psychologists (OPP)
  • Masters in Health Psychology by ISPA
  • IEFP Certified trainer
  • Coach
  • Playback theatre actress
Sandra Mateus
psicóloga Maria João Moutinho
  • Psychologist, specialized in clinical and health psychology
  • Advanced Specialty in Psychotherapy
  • Psychoanalytic psychotherapist for family and couples (intervenes with individual, group-based and couple’s therapy)
  • Part of the FCT’s Psychology office for about twenty years
Maria João Moutinho
psicóloga julia murta
  • Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist at FCT-UNL since 2005
  • Effective Member of the Portuguese Order of Psychologists (OPP), specialized in clinical and health Psychology and educational psychology
  • Advanced Psychotherapy Specialty
  • Founding Member of the Portuguese Association of Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (PA), where she currently maintains her training as a psychotherapist
Júlia Murta
psicóloga Olga
  • Psychologist at NOVA FCSH’s Psychology, inclusion and equality Services (PsII+)
  • Graduated in Educational Psychology, and achieved a PhD in Community Psychology at ISPA-IU
  • Intervenes in: Vocational and scholar orientation; special educational needs;  Gender Issues; support in crisis situations; counselling and training groups
Olga Oliveira Cunha
Psicóloga Andreia Rosa
  • Psychologist at the Student Development and Well-being Service at Nova School of Business and Economics
  • Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Clinical Psychology and Post-Graduation degree in Psychological Coaching by Universidade de Lisboa
  • Specialized in Clinical and Health Psychology, and effective member of the Portuguese Psychologists Association (OPP)
  • Consultant and trainer in OPP’s psychologist’s professional development area
  • Behavioral certified trainer, experienced in consultancy and in multinational business contexts
  • Experienced in clinical and community intervention with families, adults and young adults
  • Experienced in coordinating multidisciplinary teams
Andreia Rosa
Psicóloga Sofia Cília
  • Psychologist and responsible for the Student Development and Well-being service at Nova School of Business and Economics
  • Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Clinical Psychology and Post-Graduation degree in Coaching Psychology, both from Faculdade de Psicologia, Universidade de Lisboa
  • Post-graduation degree in Applied Management from Nova School of Business and Economics
  • Experienced in psychological counselling and coaching, career counselling and project management
Sofia Cília

The psychiatric service is available to all NOVA students at Campolide’s Campus with a 7€ cost.
These appointments deal with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses – organic or functional – such as anxiety, depression, dependencies, sexology, eating disorders and suicide.
When it comes to cancelation policy, the cancelation of an appointment should be communicated at least two working days earlier.

Appointment Schedule:
Residência Alfredo de Sousa
Tuesdays from 3h30pm to 6h30pm

From Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm
T: +351 213 715 600
In order to access this psychiatric service you must be sent by GP or by our psychology service.

Dr. Ricardo Caetano

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