“I worked out for about half an hour, every day … to feel motivated for something.”

Personally, these have been difficult times. 

Starting with the uncertainty looming at the start of the pandemic,  when we began to realize what was going on in other countries, and how terrifying the bigger picture was.

All this uncertainty and constant fear became very difficult to deal with.

We heard stories everywhere, a lot of information at the same time, which we often can’t even filter. With every day that passed, and with the emergence of cases in Portugal, the situation became more real and frightening.

When quarantine started, this confusion of feelings, at least for me, slowed down.

I think this happened because I felt like we were on the right track, that we were doing what we could – which was staying at home. During those long months I’ve adopted many behaviors which I believe  helped me  preserve my mental health.

I worked out for half an hour everyday, not only to feel active and avoid sitting all day, but also to feel motivated for something during the day.

Taking classes and going to all of them during the same schedule as if they were in person also helped me a lot: I felt like I still had a routine, that I had something to think about, that I was  living my day in the best way possible, using my time  efficiently, and trying not to give in to sleep the whole morning and watch movies in the afternoon.

Another aspect that also helped me a lot is living in a villa, with a large garden, common pine forest garden ahead. This made it possible for me to go out every day for a dog walk, or just to feel the sun and  breathe fresh air. I understand that many people aren’t this lucky, but I really feel this was a standout factor for my positive thinking.

Another aspect that helped me a lot during these long months was to video call my friends and family every day. It was undoubtedly the best part of my days and it became a priority for me because I knew it would help me to  feel normal in such weird times.

As time went by, I think my concern became mostly focused on our country’s economy and is still something that worries me a lot and perhaps even gives me anxiety to think.

 I’m lucky that my mother never had to stop working during those times, but my father, who is an independent worker, couldn’t work and his business is still clearly affected. I know I’m still privileged, but really am very concerned about all those who have lost their jobs and  are still struggling. Beyond this, I am also very concerned about our future as future workers, since we’ll engage  this ruined  labour market.

Therefore, I think Covid-19 and the uncertainty of this whole situation causes me some anxiety since I believe the worst is yet to come.


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