“I didn’t try hard to keep up my normal daily routine… we can never forget ourselves, we run the risk of getting lost.”

The Pandemic came to shake the world and make us all stop and think. Sometimes, too much.

I found myself alone in my room with online classes which I watched wearing my pajamas and, preferibly, with a package of cookies.

I didn’t try hard to keep up my normal life routine. I’d wake up ten minutes before online classes began to have breakfast, and then stay in bed watching class after class.

If it felt good? At the time I didn’t realize how bad it was, at least academically. I didn’t notice any difference. I worked and studied like always and the results were positive. 

But on a personal level, was it good? No. I realized that later, after returning to reality. Besides the extra pounds, wearing pajamas every day for months isn’t good for anyone. I got too comfortable in my own comfort.

I didn’t challenge or motivate myself to do new things. I cocooned up, didn’t work on my self-development and  was completely submissive to  myself.

If I look back and think about those months and what I’ve learned about myself, I don’t know the answer. I  don’t think I’ve allowed myself to get to know myself better. I was so busy with classes and helping my family at home that I forgot myself.

We can never forget ourselves, we run the risk of getting lost, of not knowing who we are. I feel like I’ve stopped knowing myself, my strength and motivation, and that I’m still getting back on my feet. I don’t cease feeling grateful, after all, I was in my comfort zone and many others didn’t have such luck.

When I think of confinement, I’m aware that I’m lucky. I had my family with me, I was in my safe harbor, I was comfortable.

And what about those international students who have been deprived of being with their family for months? Who helped them? How did they get out? I think it was a bigger challenge for them. I don’t know if I could be deprived of physical and visual contact with my family and friends for so long and during such a complicated situation.

This is the one true Human need. Self love, and to feel loved.

Let us look at those around us and make them feel loved and supported. No one truly overcomes a pandemic and its psychological effects without love and support.


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